Tree Diagram Worksheets

Looking for a tree diagram quiz for your class or review time with your peers? Check out these free and printable examples of tree diagram worksheets that are available on this page in good quality! These worksheets are perfect to fill in your classroom lesson plan or just to try some luck with your understanding of the tree diagrams. Browse the diagrams in the following images!

branching tree diagram worksheet
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Let’s review some important points about the diagram. A tree diagram is a way of visually representing hierarchy in a tree-like structure. In the following tree diagram worksheets, there is a variety of tree diagram to work on, just click on the diagram to enlarge and choose the save menu to download! You can select which tree diagram worksheet to download and work by yourself.

probability tree diagram worksheet
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sentence tree diagram worksheet
sentence tree diagram worksheet image via

A tree diagram is usually used for decision making. There are also two probability tree diagrams. Probability trees are useful for calculating combined probabilities. A probability tree has two main parts: the branches and the ends. The probability of each branch is generally written on the branches, while the outcome is written on the ends of the branches. Try to work on the following probability tree diagrams!

tree diagram worksheet 7th grade
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tree diagram worksheet pdf
tree diagram worksheet pdf image via

Select the diagram worksheets for based on your own needs! We hope our worksheets collection will help you in filling up your lesson plan!